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 In a Nut-Chel

  • When Mountains Tremble with Chad Taylor & Prophetikos

    What a memorable "When Mountains Tremble" event July 8-10! Thanks to all who came out Friday & Saturday night to the historic Franklin Circle Church and to the Saturday outreach in Ohio City! Such uplifting worship & prayer for our city at these gatherings. 

  • Wonderful Event with Chad Taylor and Prophetikos !

    We met Fri & Sat May 6 & 7 at Word of Life Ministries, Pastor Tim Neal's church, for A call to Prayer & the Harvest! Words cant describe the incredible power and presence of the Lord those evenings. Saturday at noon we headed out to Lincoln Park on West 14th for an outreach with food, tracts, and telling people about the love of Jesus.

  • Event With Chad Taylor & Prophetikos

    Awesome weekend: March 11-13! Fri & Sun we were at Fairbridge Hotel in Wickliffe - Powerful words of prophecy: "Ohio is IN a State of Grace and IS a State of Grace!" Intercession went up for the nations: "Theres a fire over France & the children will learn to dance!" Saturday we were at Seneca Allegany Casino - wonderful place to eat and we had opportunity to meet and be blessed by First Nation people & an incredible evening at Solomon's Porch in Little Valley, NY - with an amazing w...

  • Weekend With Chad Taylor & Prophetikos

    What an Epic Weekend CACM had with Chad and Barb & Bob from Prophetikos 1/29-1/31 2016 Friday night & Sunday night we were out in Wickliffe worshipping and Declaring the Word of the Lord over Cleveland. We sang & about the The Wind and the Fire in The Threshing Floor, like Ruth, Jesus is found out in the harvest, out in the fields…..and cried out for the Lord to Stir us up and show us the work that is to be done! Chad shared a word about God making us into Eagles!

  • Event With Sharon Fletcher

    Jan 1-2 2016 Melinda Bauman, pastor of WorldWide Commission Fellowship, asked to lead worship with our new friend Prophetess Sharon Fletcher. We had so much to celebrate during worship, being reminded of Zeph 3:17 how He has taken away all our punishment and fear, we sang a victory chant! During the outstanding worship time, people were healed, specifically one woman testified of being healed of a sinus infection in worship and being able to breathe better than she had in 6 months.

  • Event With Chad Taylor

    November 20-21 2015 We were so excited to meet up again with our good friend Chad Taylor at our good friend Melinda Bauman’s church in Wickliffe! We came in the first night and were welcomed with a big hug by Melinda and were asked to come back and play the second night, and the worship was awesome! Chad's words about the harvest were so timely and anointed.

  • Simple Truths in a Nut-Chel

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