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"The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy."

Revelation 19:10


MARCH 2010. Thank you Jesus for the Prophetic Breaker Anointing Conference with Chad Taylor, Theresa Phillips & Jeremy Lopez at Church Alive in Cleveland!!  The worship was just a blast, with some new vocalists, instruments and sounds added! Chad Taylor commissioned us for the harvest and then took us all on an evangelist outreach where we were apart of salvations and healings on the streets of Cleveland! Theresa Phillips encouraged us towards the things of heaven with herlove songs to the Lord, her true stories of angelic encounters and her fragrant anointing oil. And Jeremy Lopez blessed us with his powerful teaching, full of love and freedom, and his on-target prophetic words! Wow! What a weekend!

FEBRUARY 2010. We had a wonderful Worship Soaking Night with our friends at Chapel on the Lake in Lakeside, OH, Friday evening! The Lord had healing on His heart! Chelley spoke a word on believing it is ALWAYS God’s will to heal, and then she led us into a beautiful time worshipping in His Presence, followed by a powerful ministry time full of healing testimonies (see healing archives!)!

JANUARY 2010. Thank you, Lord for our First Watch Breakfast! We met at the First Watch Restaurant at Crocker Park to gather together for food, fellowship and fresh manna! It was a great way to kick off the New Year by taking a look at what God did in 2009, gaining vision for 2010, learning about prayer watches and sharing prayer requests, and hearing some powerful encouraging words from the Lord! 

October 2009. We had an incredible Realms of Glory Conference the 23-24th in Wickliffe, OH. It was wonderful teaming up with Shawn Bolz, Theresa Phillips, and Brian Lake for a dynamic weekend of worship and teaching and being changed in His Presence!

August 2009. Thank you Jesus for all who were apart of our Summer Picnic in the Park! Wow! The Lord stopped the rain at exactly 4:30 when the picnic started! There was so much delicious food! And what a wonderful family and fellowship time! The kids (and adults!) had fun blowing bubbles, face-painting, egg relaying and water balloon tossing! And the special highlight of the evening was when Chelley and Andrea gave a presentation (complete with sign language!) about their trip to the deaf orphanage in Jamaica. Their slide-show and dvd were very moving and the Holy Spirit was reminding all of us of His love for the nations. What a fun time - Let's do it again!

June 2009. The 2009 trip to Jamaica was a wonderful success! We experienced tremendous team unity, the joy and hard work of helping to build a school by hand, an unusual depth of communication and fellowship with the orphans through sign language, an amazing ability to share our love and God’s love with everyone at the School for the Deaf, powerful healings throughout the trip, and the protection and faithfulness of our incredible God!

May 2009. Chelley and Company led worship at Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship for a conference with Patricia Bootsma from Jubilee Christian Fellowship. Patricia carries the Toronto Blessing and she and her team brought the blessing to Cleveland. We experienced powerful worship, individual prophetic ministry, and dynamic sharing. There was a sweet flow of the Spirit between these women, and the Lord poured out mightily to and through them. It was a marked weekend, and all of our lives were greatly enriched!

January-April 2009. We finished another Song of Solomon course! This was an 8-week course that ran every other Saturday night, from January-April. The series was filled with in-depth teaching on the metaphors and meanings in the allegorical interpretation of the Song of Solomon. Chelley's rich sharing was intermingled with worship songs imparting God's unfailing love. The Spirit-filled environment created an atmosphere where participants experienced powerful healing ministry times. Minds, bodies and souls were touched and healed, and many awesome testimonies of God's goodness went forth!