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Simple Truths in a Nut-Chel

 In a Nut-Chel

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Simple Truths in a Nut-Chel

Spiritual truths are found everywhere! Aren’t they? Just look around and you’ll see them everywhere. In business. In relationships. In nature. In music. In activity. In sowing. In reaping. In the golden rule. Yep. Simple God truths are found everywhere in our everyday lives all around us. I love simple undeniable, uncomplicated truths, don’t you? That’s what I’d like to share with you in these weekly writings.

In a nutshell means summed up briefly or concisely put; encompassed in a small space; “in a few words.” In 1590, Peter Bales in England, actually wrote a Bible small enough to go inside a walnut shell! Imagine that! : )

Here’s my idea…………to learn and explore together simple, basic spiritual truths relevant to daily life. My goal is to encourage, inspire, and empower us with these Simple Truths…….In a Nut-Chel……..………....
I hope you’ll join me! : )