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Loveletters is a collection of beautiful words of love from the heart of the King for you! These letters were written by Chelley Antonczak, through her study of the book of Song of Solomon. Each of the twenty pages is a letter, lovingly laid next to beautiful photographs taken by her husband, Jim. These loveletters will strengthen your devotional times and draw you into a more intimate place with the King of Kings.

Nut-Chels is an encouraging devotional that reads just like the title suggests: simple spiritual truths - in a nutshell! Developed out of a five-month season of "Weekly Words" during meditation, Chelley put together this empowering and easy-to-grab-on-the-run booklet, packed with inspiring truths for your day.

Loveletters or Nut-Chels

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Loveletters Book.....$16.99

Nut-Chels Book.......$13.99

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